Old Tree #1

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Old Tree #1
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I cannot walk past a tree stump without stopping to admire its beauty. The shapes entice me as does the thought of the dramatic ending to a beautiful life giving entity within our world. Living in NYC gives me many opportunites to view cut trees almost every spring and fall. I sculpted Old Tree #1 while thinking of a great old oak that once graced the block where I live in Brooklyn, NYC.

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Old Tree #1:
Cast in polyurathane resin and designed for display with small animal sculptures.

Status: Sold Out
Size: 3 7/8" in height and 9 1/8" in diameter.
Price: was $15 ppd (UK/Euro add $5)
Released: August 2007
Limited Edition: Less than 20 were produced. Edition open from 5-13-07 till 8-13-07
Artist Paintings: A couple of sculptures were painted by the artist and offered to the public.

The Old Tree #1 has sold out. To learn about new sculpture releases please be sure to join my sculpture and ceramics news group on the main page. Thank you for your interest in my art!
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