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Hand built pieces are always a joy to create. I normally let my imagination take flight and just create. From plaques to cheese wedgies to specialty molds, the need to create from the heart whatever it desires sometimes sneaks up on the artist. In my case, I let it run wild!

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The newest hand built piece is a crackle finish ring holder. Holds up to 5 rings comfortably and measures approx 3" from opening to base. Some ring holders that were made were fashioned after various flowers like daffodils and morning glories.
Hand built ceramics are normally sold on an individual basis. If I have multiple pieces of one design they are normally sold through my Etsy shop. New hand built items are announced on my news group. Be sure to join!
Thank you for your interest in my art!
Contact the sculptor: studiodanza@optonline.net
Celtic Cross Ornaments: 2 7/8" in height. Made to decorate the home.
Fig Wall Plaque: 3" across. Made for home decoration.
Ring Holder: 5" in diameter. Made for holding jewlery.
Cheese Wedge: Small little figurative pieces made as fun giveaway gifts.
Ceramic Food: Small figurative pieces made as fun giveaway gifts.
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