Opus: A Draft Horse

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Opus: A Draft Horse
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The massive size of the draft horse was the inspiration for this small sculpture. The whole idea behind Opus was "strength of a gentle giant" that could be held in the palm of your hand. This sculpture was sold unpainted and sold out in 48 hours.

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Cast in polyurathane resin this piece was designed for horse and animal enthusiasts. Free standing.

Status: Sold Out
Casting: by Excel-Cast, Inc.
Size: 2"
Price: was $45 ppd
Released: Jan 2006
Limited Edition: 80 were cast, 55 were offered unpainted to the public, and 10 were hand painted by the sculpting artist. See the painted pieces by clicking HERE.

Opus the drafter has been retired in resin. The edtion was limited to 80 pieces and no more will be made. To learn about new sculpture releases, including wearable art, please be sure to join my sculpture and ceramics news group on the main page. Thank you for your interest in my art!
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