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Medallions and Tiles
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There have been far too many medallions made in my studio for me to count. The endless glaze selections and various china painting techniques propelled my hunger for producing a multitude of pieces. Many medallions were handed out as gifts to buyers of my equine art. These small "thank you" items were the real push for me to buy my kiln in the first place, so my heart holds a special place for the medallion.

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There is always a medallion available for purchase. As of 11-26-07 the Pony Magnet is still available but will be discontinued after the first of the new year.

Special orders are accepted from time to time. Please allow 2-3 months for production times for a specialty order. Thank you!

Sometimes I stock up on a particular medallion or tile design and sell them through my Etsy shop. New medallions and tile designs are announced on my news group first. Be sure to join! Thank you for your interest in my art!
Contact the sculptor: studiodanza@optonline.net
Stock Horse Medallion: 4" in diameter. Disc.
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Arab Medallion: 4" in diameter. Disc.
Halloween Hoe Down Award 06: 2" in diameter. Approx 20 made. Disc.
Stock Horse Medallion: A few were customized and custom glazed. Disc.
Iberian Stallion: 2" in diameter. Several made into ornaments. Disc.
Mustang Magnet: 1" in diameter. Many turned into magnets. Disc.
Pony Magnet: 1" in diameter. Many turned into magnets.
Halloween Hoe Down Award 07: 2" across. Approx 15 were made. Disc.
China Buffet Award 08 & 09: 2" across. Approx 55 were made. Disc.
The Winner: Brand new 3" rectangular medallion/award. NEW for summer 09!