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All custom glazed pieces have been carefully hand painted using only the finest china paints. Some pieces have over 20 or more firings. Each piece is first purchased as a blank and then ideas are sketched out either on paper or right on the china ware. At the moment, I have been exploring nature scenes on the various blank boxes and look forward to adding more to my shop. All pieces shown below have already been sold.

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Custom glazed "Grapes and Leaves" egg box. Fully hand painted 5" porcelain egg.

More egg boxes and Easter items are currently being planned and will be offered via my news group. For more information on the news group please be sure to join. Just click here.

Custom glaze ware is sold on both on an individual basis as they are produced or commissioned. If I have multiple pieces of one china design they are normally sold on my Etsy Shop. New custom glaze ware that is for sale is first announced on my news group. Be sure to join! Thank you for your interest in my art!
Contact the sculptor: studiodanza@optonline.net
First Tooth Box
more coming soon
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