Ceramic Animals

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Original Cast Designs
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Danza Ceramic Animals have been carefully sculpted, molded and then maticuliously hand painted. In some cases, like the Sleepy Little Mouse, each ceramic is a one of a kind piece. No two have been painted a like. Each is truly unique and special. The newest pieces currently being created in the studio that will be available in March are a sleepy little bunny and a pocket pet rattie.

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Sleepy LIttle Mouse
Featuring porcelain: "Hedgie" the Hedgehog was the first sculpture offered in fine English porcelain. More animal editions are currently in the works including a sleepy bunny, a pet rat and a companion family for Hedgie! Be sure to join my news group for more info.
Sleepy Little Bunny
To find out more about each ceramic animal edition please click on the images. Editions sell out fairly quick so be sure to join my news group. Thank you for your interest in my art!
Contact the sculptor: studiodanza@optonline.net
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pet rat
"Harriet, Huwie & Harold Hedgehogs