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Brianna Resin
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From days of old comes "Brianna". A young girl inspired by the countless historical farm photographs of youths on the family farm horse. "Brianna" is an original sculpture originally designed for my 2007 North American National donation. She had become very popular with fellow equine enthusiasts and I decided to open her edition up to the general public. She has been cast by Mountain View Studios who did a spectacular job on her. She has very minimal seam lines and cleans up well. She comes unpainted. The photos to the left and below are just a sample of how lovely she paints up.

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Professionally cast in polyurathane resin by Mountain View Studios, this piece was made for the 2007 North American Nationals. Upon popular demand I have had a handful cast and am offering her to the general public unpainted.

Status: available.
Size: approx. 5" from head to shoe.
Price: $95 + $5 US/$10 Euro.
Released: December 2007
Limited Edition: Ten were made available to the public.

Brianna all dressed up in winter garb for the Nov/Dec 07 issue of Just About Horses, Reeves International, Inc.

The Brianna resin is currently available for purchase and comes unpainted. Her edition was capped at 10 pieces. You can order as many as you like. She was designed to sit upon Brigitte Eberl's "Babette" resin, but she also fits "Valentin", Horsing Around's"Cromwell" and even Sara Rose's "Independence" resin. Epoxy can be easily added to accomodate any other Traditional (9"-11" sized) resin or orginal factory finish horse.

To learn about future sculpture releases, including wearable art, please be sure to join my sculpture and ceramics news group on the main page. Thank you for your interest in my art!

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© 2007 Jenn Danza
2 Brianna's out of 10 are available for purchase.